Japanese JuJitsu Association

Traditional JuJitsu, Martial Arts, and Self Defence

OUR Clubs

Monday Night

Juniors:  7:00pm - 8:00pm 
Adults:  8:15pm - 10:00pm

Bursledon Village Hall,
Long Lane, Bursledon,
SO31 8BZ

Tuesday Night

Adults:  8:00pm - 9:30pm

Hilldene Community Centre,
68 High Street,
West End,
SO30 3DU

Thursday Night

Adults:  8:00pm - 9:30pm

Malborough Village Hall
Collaton Road

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The Japanese JuJitsu Association is a small and friendly traditional JuJitsu association.  We have been running for over 50 years, originally founded by Soke Martial.  We train in Japanese JuJitsu, and its practical applications in self defence.  

The Japanese JuJitsu Association is affiliated to the Great Britain All Styles Self Defence Association (GBASSDA) , through which we are attached to a network of like minded clubs and associations.  

We're also fully insured and vetted through GBASSDA.

Juniors can start from aged 6.  The first lesson is always free so come along and give it a go!

Why Learn JuJitsu?

For Children

Martial Arts can be great fun to learn, many of our senior instructors started learning with us when they were children themselves, and now 30+ years later are still with us running clubs of their own.  We've seen and experienced first hand the fantastic benefits that learning JuJitsu from a young age can have.  We also have children of our own, so we know how important it is to have a safe and fun dojo.  All of our instructors are DBS checked and insured.  Below are some of the areas we will help your child to develop in as they progress through JuJitsu - as well as being vital skills for JuJitsu and Self Defence, these are also key life skills that will stay with them and provide benefits throughout.

  • Self-Defence - alongside learning the traditional martial art of JuJitsu, we will also focus on the practical application of those techniques in Self Defence.  As well as the physical side of Self Defence that you might expect, we also focus on situational awareness, how to avoid situations and how to de-escalate and control a situation.
  • Self-Confidence - mastering the many varied techniques of JuJitsu gives a huge self esteem and confidence boost.  We have a long established syllabus with clear goals to aim for.  A well practised method of teaching, and patient instructors will work with your child to ensure we bring them through the grades at the right pace to help them develop the skills and confidence they need.
  • Discipline - JuJitsu will help your child to learn to set personal boundaries, and develop emotional control.  They will learn to channel their emotions in a positive way to help them see a challenge through to conclusion.  They will develop to use their own strengths and an understanding of their weaknesses.  And of course, they will learn to follow rules to ensure a safe environment for themselves and their peers.
  • Respect - mutual respect in JuJitsu for your peers and instructors is absolutely key to maintaining a safe and fun dojo.  We show respect through bowing, listening, and understanding the consequences of our actions.  Students have common goals in what they are learning and will learn to work together to attain them.
  • Balance - balance, posture, and hand-eye co-ordination are absolutely key, JuJjitsu is an excellent way of developing these, and our students learn to use them to their advantage.  We focus on how to breath properly during the application of techniques, and the all important left from right!  
  • Focus - listening, concentration, and focus are difficult skills for children to learn and master.  We keep training fun and engaging to retain attention and develop focus.
  • Health - we always being with general warm ups and stretches to prepare our body and mind for training.  JuJitsu techniques will require balance and the use of muscle groups that we don't always use in modern day to day life, we will help to develop a strong core and posture.
  • Decisiveness - good decision making, and dealing with the consequences of those decisions doesn't always come naturally.  As we focus on using JuJitsu for Self Defence your child will learn to make decisions quickly and to deal with the consequences of those decisions.
  • Social Skills - JuJitsu is a very sociable martial art to learn, children will train in groups working towards a common goal.  They will quickly learn the value of working together, communicating, and helping each other.  They'll develop new friendships inside the dojo and out.

For Adults

Many of the benefits for children also apply to the adults that train with us as well.  But the emphasis and focus for our adults classes are slightly different.  If you choose to train with us you can expect to develop

  • Self-Defence - as well as learning the traditional martial art techniques of JuJitsu we also place a strong focus on how to utilise these for self defence.  We try to make this training as realistic as possible, whilst still respecting that many of us still have to get up for work the next day.  We will also focus on situational awareness, how to avoid or de-escalate a situation, the law of Self Defence and how it relates to what we teach.
  • Self-Confidence - learning JuJitsu and Self Defence skills will help to build Self Confidence in every day life.  Training will help you get used to feeling outside of your comfort zone.  Whether its speaking up in meetings, or feeling uncomfortable in certain situations, the self confidence boost that will come from your JuJitsu training will help you to recognise and overcome those feelings.
  • Improve Wellbeing - the dojo can provide a safe and controlled environment as an outlet for physical stress and anxiety.  We will help you learn to maintain focussed attention whilst remaining calm and alert.  JuJitsu will teach you how to bounce back from setbacks and continue to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals, this in turn will improve self-esteem and help to provide a sense of calm, confidence and peace.  IT will help you to master your mind and emotions, and decrease aggressive feelings.
  • Fitness - whilst learning JuJitsu is no substitute for a gym or fitness classes, it is a fun way to improve your fitness, core strength, flexibility, and balance whilst learning a useful set of skills at the same time.  When it comes to Self Defence - fitness, balance, and core strength are just as important as the techniques that we learn.
  • Social - meet new people and make new friends in a positive, encouraging, and supportive environment.   Our dojos are friendly training environments, where we work together to learn and further our JuJitsu and Self Defence skills.

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